Program Tracks

GIS Tracks & Topics

1-ACS/ MI/ Complications Track

Head of Track: Mousa Akbar – Khalid bin Thani – Abdul Majeed Alzubaidi

  • How to manage Coronary Artery Ectasia
  • How to manage Large Thrombotic Burden in ACS with Primary PCI
  • How to manage Large Thrombotic Burden in in LM in STEMI with Primary PCI
  • Tips & Tricks for High Risk Primary PCI
  • Tips & Tricks to prevent and manage Coronary Complications
  • Complications in ACS, Tips & Tricks
  • Challenging Cases in STEMI

2-CTO Track

Head of Track: Waqar Ahmed –  Husam Nour

  • Live in a Box
  • CTO SAVE (Challenging Cases)
  • Shine the Road: learning from CTO failures (in cooperation with China)
  • Keynote: The Current Development of CTO-PCI: What is New
  • Learning from Failure (Case Presentation)

3-Left Main/ Bifurcation

Head of Track: Mohammed Kurdi – Mohammed Mukhaini – Arif Alnouryani

Left Main

  • Live Transmission from KSA (Left Main Case)
  • How to treat?
  • Potential Challenges & Strategies
  • OCT or IVUS for the optimization of LM Interventions


  • Live case from Oman (True Bifurcation case)
  • Bifurcation and drug eluting balloons
  • Kissing Balloon Inflation and alternatives in Bifurcation Interventions
  • Bifurcation stenting, DAPT, high bleeding risk
  • How to treat
  • Bifurcation in acute MI
  • Bifurcation Techniques Tips and Tricks
  • The experts from region and international will be the speakers and the panelists

4-Structural Heart Disease

Head of Track: Mohammed Balghith – Fawaz Almutairi

  • Live transmission of TAVI from UAE
  • How to deal with TAVI complications 
  • Update in mitral clip 
  • Bicuspid Severe AS, is TAVI is the best