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Event Name :

TAVI: Management, Recent Updates & Best Practice

Date:     ⇒   18-June 2021

Track:   ⇒   Structural

Time: ⇒  19:00 KSA Time (GMT+3)

In Collaboration with:
Hospital European Georges Pompidou – Paris, France
Dr. Fahad Baslaib (UAE)
Interventional Cardiologist, Rashid Hospital, Dubai, UAE
Dr.Wail Alkashkari (KSA)
Consultant Interventional Cardiology, Consultant congenital and Structural Heart Disease Intervention, King Faisal Cardiac Center, National Guard, Jeddah, KSA


19:00-19:05:  ⇒  Introduction

19:05-19:20:   ⇒ What are the criteria to perform TAVI in the Cath lab or in the operating room?

Christian Spaulding:

19:20-19:35:  ⇒ Updates and new guidelines

Nicole Karam:

19:35-19:50:  ⇒Alternative access for TAVI

Chekrallah Chamandi:

19:50-20:05 :  ⇒The issue of low risk TAVI: perspectives


20:05-20:20:  ⇒Strategies for pace maker implantation after TAVI

Eloi Marijon:

20:20-20:35:  ⇒Cases & complication

Paul Achouh:

20:35-20:50 :  ⇒Industrial Symposium

20:50-21:00 :  ⇒Q&A


Event Name :

Mitral Clip: Essentials, Updates and Complications

Date:     ⇒   21-May 2021

Time:     ⇒   07:00 PM KSA TIME (GMT+3)

Track:   ⇒   Structural

Main Topic:  ⇒  Mitral Clip


Mohamad Aloteibi, KSA

Khaled Almerri, Kuwait


19:00-19:05:  ⇒  Introduction – Fawaz Almutairi, KSA

Guilherme Silva, USA:

19:05-19:25:   ⇒ Update on Mitra Clip trials and mitral guidelines

Ajith Nair, USA:

19:25-19:45:  ⇒ Tools for Management of Heart Failure: 

When to clip and most importantly when not to clip the mitral valve      

Guilherme Silva:

19:45-20:05:  ⇒ 


19:05-20:25:  ⇒ QA

Mahmoud Traina, UAE:

20:25-20:55:  ⇒ Navigating Challenging Anatomies – A Gulf Experience